Altyria Marlowe

Seductive, outgoing, experimental, spellscarred


Altyria Marlowe (24 years old) is a wizard that knows her weapons, either talking about seduction or spells. Tall and impressive, she has bright open eyes and a beautiful smile. She prefers leather and robes that matches the color of her long hair, which most of the times are tucked under her hood.


Altyria Marlowe is the daughter of Otikul Marlowe, farmer and local loremaster and Loranaa Marlowe, regional bard.

She was born in the outskirts of the Glarondal, in the land of Aglarond, which starts at the Sea of Fallen Stars, extends until Thay in the east and is ruled by the fifteen mages of the Simbarch Council.

Although Glarondal is not considered a proper city, in the last two decades it has seen its population grow due to the refuges of humans and tieflings who escape the deathland of Thay.

It was during her teenage years that Altyria was discovered she was a Spellscared. Her scar manifested during a training exercise south of the forest of Yuirwood, where the land is ruined by the Spellplague.

After her parents tried to ask for advice from her brother in the capital to no avail, they made her quit magic training and tried to isolated her, for fear the community would ostracize her for being a Spellscarred.

As fate has it, though, one night that she escaped the confines of her room to train secretly in the forest, she was followed. By the time she came back home her parents were being arrested.

In a fit of anger Altyria killed the guards, but not before they put her parents to the sword, and escaped. From that time on she has been wandering, until she ended doing one of the treasure hunts of Treona, a well known invoker, in the ruined city of Kiris Dahn.

The power of her scar still eludes her but it seems to contain a reflective power against spells, an ability which is considered extremely rare.

Altyria Marlowe

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