Amaryllis Dawntracker

Firm character, restrainted nature, peaceful demeanor


Amaryllis Dawntracker has the young beauty of her race, even though she has began her maturing age. Her hair, deep red, along with her fine face lines and trained body present a picture worthy of the Sylvan Elves culture.


Amaryllis Dawntracker is the wife of Bael’ Tahl Dawntracker, the First Ranger of Cormanthor. Quite younger than him, she has always tried to remain true to her husband’s role in the Sylvan Elves fate after the Spellplague.

Trained in the druid arts, she has always led a quite life, constantly studying and training to the ways of nature. She has been a pillar of strength for her husband, especially in the rise of Netheril, and has always supported him, in and out of the courts of Myth Drannor.

Everyone knows that she understands her role between her passionate husband and the various elvish casts and respect her for that, as many claim that she is responsible for controlling the violent emotions of Bael’ Tahl, which could have sometimes result in fruitless civil strife.

After the Waterdeep fall, Amaryllis has been actively engaged in druid party training and sometimes acts as a representative of the Cormanthor Elves to Cormyr.

Amaryllis Dawntracker

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