Bael' Tahl Dawntracker

A born ranger, unwavering, loyal to the idea of elven unity, duty bound


Grey haired and stern faced, Bael’ Tahl Dawntracker looks like he is made of stone. Even at his age, his body seems well trained and tense, his arms thicker than the usual elvish physique, as well as taller than most of his kin. A magnificent fighter, ready to always protect but more eager to kill when threatened.


The First Ranger is a powefull figure in all of Cormanthyr and he has the respect of both the elves of Cormanthor and the Eladrin of Myth Drannor.

He was born in the forest of Cormanthor and worked hard to unite the scattered Sylvan Elves and to make the giant forest relevant again for his race. His great scouting and fighting abilities soon earned him a famous name, becoming an example to follow for his fellow elves and a terror to avoid for the Netheril soldiers.

Ilsevele Miritar, the Eladrin Coronal of Myth Drannor recognized his talents and offered him the leadership of the Cormanthor Rangers, in an effort for Elves and Eladrin to combine forces.

Since then, Bael’ has been successful as a leader but his authority, some say, has cost him his once sensitive heart. Bael’ will stop at nothing in performing his duty and doesn’t suffer anyone who opposes him, even his own son, Cael’ Sae Dawntracker.

Bael' Tahl Dawntracker

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