Cael' Sae Dawntracker

Gifted strategist, calculative, honor bound, difficult to reach out to, prefers quiet and sometimes places of solitude


Cael’ Sae Dawntracker (25 years old by human count) is a young ranger of the Sylvan Elves. He has medium length hair with small braids, slim physique and eloquent battle moves. His sometimes expressionless face reveal an elf who is not fond of crowds and knows how to hide his feelings, for better or worse.


Cael’ Sae Dawntracker is the only son of of Bael ‘Tahl Dawntracker, ’Gaurdian Blade‛ in the common tongue and Amarillis Dawntracker, ’Flame Flower‛ in the common tongue. His family is one of the first of the Sylvan Elves to gain access to the Eladrin court of Myth Drannor, after the relationship between the two races improved in the years following the Spellplague.

Bael ‘Tahl Dawntracker is a well known ranger and protector of Cormanthor, in service of the Coronal of Myth Drannor, Ilsevele Miritar, while Amarillis Dawntracker is a competent druid.

Cael ‘Sae was born in Myth Drannor, the rebuilt legendary city north of the Cormanthor forest. His early years were spent in the old elvish ways after his father’s wish, in an effort to help the Sylvan Elves reclaim their position between the divided elvish races.

Cael ‘Sae was trained in the art of bow and two weapon fighting, while exhibited a high affinity to nature from a young age. Upon reaching adulthood he also began training in the ways of the Eladrin court, since both his father and mother, being their only child, expect him to carry on the name of Dawntracker in service of the Coronal.

Cael' Sae Dawntracker

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