Curavar Luavir

Diplomat, story teller, good hearted


Curavar has long grey hair and a long beard tied in small braids. His eyes are smart and there is a small scar from a blade on his right cheek. He wears robes interwoven with leather and silk and he carries a small pouch belt around his waist.


Curavar Luavir, more than sixty years old now, was born in Amn and soon he was located by the Cowled Wizards because of illegal casting. Instead of being punished, though, he was offered a scholarship into the selective academy of the order, to train and hone his abilities.

When he grew up, for a brief time, he spent his days as a Cowled Wizard. His term though was short, since he soon discovered the power games and backstabbing was not to his liking.

From then on he started traveling along the sword coast and generally exploring western Faerûn, training and meeting many important people. Rumor has it his advanced training came from a dragon.

His great skill and good will made him welcome to many palaces and soon he started acting as a diplomat for peace negotiations, as well as a leader to many missions.

All these earned him the title of “Protector of the North”, when referring to the areas over Waterdeep until the Spine of the World.

Curavar Luavir is a well known wizard with many enemies, but also many friends.

Curavar Luavir

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