Declan Gargengrimm

Honest, patient, noble demeanor, the exact opposite of dwarves


Declan Gargengrimm is a young dwarf that looks a bit older than his years. He has a long light brown beard and thoughtful eyes. He is a good warrior and always tries to think things through, to the point that someone might call him a coward. Fortunately, for his friends,and unfortunately for his enemies, he is the exact opposite of that.


Declan Gargengrimm is the son of Thur Gargengrimm, a dwarf trader who died in the Spellguard incident, opposing a cast out Netheril wizard named Thoran.

Declan has always wanted to explore and become a hero for his clan, but his father never allowed it, for fear that he may be killed. Instead, he wanted his son to be a trader. But Declan was never one to count coin and profit.

His mother was slain by an Uthgard barbarian attack in the outskirts of Mithral Hall, his birthing place.

Many times they fought, father and son, up to the point where the latter, out of spite, decided to abandon his heritage and change his name, a great shame in the dwarvish culture. After hearing his father death, though, Declan decided to regain his proper name and find out why his father died.

His quest was much bigger than he imagined, as he found himself up to his knees deep in an ever expanding war.

And who knows what else.

Declan Gargengrimm

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