Ilsevele Miritar

Determined, aloof, honorable


Ilsevele Miritar is a strong female elf from a noble Eladrin line. She is kind yet forceful, careful yet risky and she has a great sense of humor. She always seems ready to say something funny, with her eyes being playful and her smile always a bit twisted. When it comes to matters of honor and state, though, she handles them swift and irrevocably.


Lady Ilsevele Miritar is a sun elf spellarcher from the Queen’s Guard and was the partner and betrothed of Araevin Teshurr until the couple parted ways when Ilsevele fell in love with the resurrected Fflar Starbrow Melruth, whom she eventually wed.

She has a fine gray destrier named Swiftwind.

She worked with her father on the Elven Crusade to Myth Drannor, and after his death took up leadership of the Army of Myth Drannor. After she defeated the armies of Scyllua Darkhope, she was visited by the Srinshee (a famous elven Baelnor, a.k.a Spirit of Protection) and granted the Rulers’ Blade, becoming seventh Coronal of the rebuilt realm of Cormanthyr with Fflar as her consort.

Ilsevele Miritar

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