Julius Fermist

Kind hearted, paladin, faith oriented


Julius Fermist is a middle aged paladin, with a stern but caring face that carries the weight of many battles and the wisdom of sadness.


The second in command of the Purple Dragons of Cormyr, dubbed “The Second Dragon” is one of the most formidable warriors in all Faerûn.

He was born and raised as an orphan in the streets of Cormyr and the surrounding glades and forest. His early years rode with thieves and lived a questionable life, soon becoming a deadly assassin.

His life took a turn, though, at some point and completely changed. Very few people know the reasons for this turn. After this turning point he sought forgiveness in the solitude of forests and gave himself completely to Selûne. Little by little he transformed into a paladin and joined the Purple Dragons of Cormyr.

His devotion and battle prowess gave him the rank “Second Dragon” and he is responsible for recruiting Dysme Anora, the first Moon Elf to be awarded a paladinhood.

Unfortunately, at the fall of Waterdeep he was severely injured battling a Shadovar Captain, also known as the “Shudderless”, and lost both of his legs.

He named the young Dysme Anora his temporary successor to the council, creating much surprise and gossip in the order.

Julius Fermist

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