Marcus Zeon

Old, deformed, quick witted


Marcus Zeon usually wears long robes to hide his deformed body. He has a small hunchback and his left arm is almost totally paralyzed. His entire left side of his body has began to show severe signs of paralyzing as well.


The Leader of the Order of the Blue Flame, Marcus Zeon is widely considered one of the most important persons in Western Faerûn.

One of the founders of the order, he has spent his life trying to make the lands safe for all Spellscarred. It is very difficult to find someone to speak negatively about Zeon, something, though, that many find it very suspicious, especially those who do not believe the order is as innocent as it appears.

Due to his unique spellscar power Zeon is able to control the blood of any living creature. This power has allowed him to help many spellscar to train their blood to behave normally when they activate their spellscar.

His scar, though, has taken a toll on his health, since it negates the use of his own blood when he takes control of another. As a result, Zeon has become partially paralyzed and, with old age catching up on him, he has only gotten worse through the years, making less and less public appearances. As expected, he hasn’t trained any spellscar in years.

As fate has brought it, though, when he met Altyria Marlowe, a seemingly powerful spellscar, he has decided to help her train, even though that will put his life in considerable danger.

Marcus Zeon

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