Maryllia Kaladrin

Unpredictable, prone to severe depression fits that last weeks, can be playful and at the same time deathly distant.


White long hair, grey-white eyes, normal height and strong built. Beautiful face and childish mannerisms and demeanor. Temperamental and passionate, distant and very protective of her past. Rarely talks about herself.


Maryllia Kaladrin, in her early thirties (by human count), is an infamous half-Elf Paladin, leader of the Elturgard Paladins and Seer of Torm.

Most of her past is based on rumors and speculations and little is actually known about her life before the Elturgards.

What is known is that she was brought to Elturgard by Curavar Luavir, the well known wizard, to be recruited by the Paladins under his sponsorship. Curavar was the one who also recognized her seer abilities and helped her to control them. Many say that Curavar has been like a father to her, the only family she has ever known, since there is no concrete information on her origins.

Elturgard is well known for their pathos and dogma against evil and Maryllia showed an unmatched will to fight it at all costs. A will that many find unfitting for a Paladin, as she is willing to go to extremes again and again to inflict justice and judgement.

Her passion and fighting skills soon earned her a place in the council of Elturgard and, after preventing an assassination of the High Observer, she was awarded the leadership of the order, making her the youngest leader of its long history.

Many, of course, claim that she is unfit to lead and that her fits of hate and anger bring shame to the Elturgards. Nevertheless, and despite her enemies in the order, she has the favor of the High Observer.

Her closest friend is Ostrion Farengar, a well known ranger who, rumors, say, has been more than a friend to her. Others claim that she is love with a farmer and others that she prefers only the company of women.

Maryllia Kaladrin has a magnetic presence, her long white hair and her white-grey eyes creating an image that seems familiar and otherwordly at the same time. It is also being said that she was a member of the Church of Bane, but she has never admitted anything of the kind.

She was responsible for liberating Loudwater, after leading a band of five hundred Paladins and three hundred Waterdeep warriors against a host of Goblins and Orcs who laid siege to it, on the 22nd of Kythorn, 1479 DR.

Maryllia Kaladrin

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