Ostrion Farengar

Strong willed, heroic, emotional, loner


Ostrion Farengar is a skilled ranger that has lived his life more like an elf than a human. His body is slim and firm, his face weathered but kind and his general demeanor is dark and distant. Still, when someone looks deeper he can see someone who genuinely cares about the troubles of this world.


An ranger with many connections, especially amongst elves, Ostrion spent his young days as a nomad and a thief. His great thieving skills earned him a living but also a bounty on his head, which he exchanged by performing tracking missions and, some say, assassinations.

As a grown man he spent many years roaming the lands, until he eventualy became a member of an elven scouting party. The elves, impressed by his knowledge, trained him in the ways of nature and completed his abilities.

The Elves made Ostrion a more calm individual, so much so that he started a family. Alas, in one of his tracking expeditions, in Kiris Dahn, his wife and two children were murdered in front of his eyes, after an Orc leader kidnapped them to blackmail Ostrion .

Almost deranged by grief he quit everything and returned in his village, west of the Underchasm, mentally defeated.

In the last months, though, he has appeared to have taken up arms once more, possibly due to the rise of Netheril.

He took part in the defense of Waterdeep, after it was attacked by Netheril forces.

He is a close friend to Curavar Luavir and Maryllia Kaladrin.

Ostrion Farengar

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