Quoben Marlowe

Calm, softly spoken, determined eyes, aloof


Red hair, beard and black circles under his eyes are just some of the uncommon characteristics of the southern Aglarond farm boy who became a priest. A small belly and general kind demeanor reveal a person who likes to share and help others, sometimes amidst a good ale contest.


Quoben Marlowe is a priest in the city of Veltalar, the capital of Aglarond. He is the brother of the somewhat known spellscarred Altyria Marlowe and he has been using his priesthood to promote issues regarding the protection and rehabilitation of Spellscarred to Faerûn.

He has spent the better part of his last years travelling all over Aglarond, speaking to Lords and officials in an effort to stop the rising hate towards spellscarred, which caught fire when refuges from Thay started pouring in the green filled land.

This racist wave has led him to seek the help of the Order of the Blue Flame and after meeting with Marcus Zeon he has become an advocate of their beliefs.

Needless to say, Quoben Marlowe has met with a lot of resistance in his efforts, as the rising threat of Netheril, the rogue spellscarred and the increasing accidents that involve scar-magic has led many people to blaming the spellscarred for the fate of the world.

Quoben has been trying now to educate the lords of the western Faerûn and has been collaborating with a lot of unofficial groups to increase awareness.

Quoben Marlowe

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