Sehik Thalawest

Proud, patient, diplomatic, lethal


Sehik Thalawest is a normal height Sylvan Elf, with long brown hair tied sometimes in a braid. He has intense eyes, somewhat prolong face angles but generally beautiful and confident posture.


Sehik Thalawest (the “soft oath of might” in common tongue) is the only son of Sael Thalawest (the “oath of the wise elf” in common tongue) and Ela Thalawest (the “oath of the star” in common tongue). His age is 23, by human count.

The Thalawest are an old bloodline of Sylvan Elves and have lived in many different lands on Faerûn. Amongst their kin are well known for their peaceful solutions and diplomatic talents, but are also considered tough warriors when the situation rises.

Sehik was born in the aftermath of the Spellplague, in the dale now called Harrowdale, which has the biggest port in all the Dales and a strong alliance with Myth Drannor.

Sehik Thalawest

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