Tandul Pastifar

Devilishly handsome, masculine, presence of authority


Tandul Pastifar is a smooth talker, very masculine and handsome, with dreamy eyes and long, black hair.


Tandul Pastifar is a human born and raised in Netheril. His parents, both Netherese wizards, promoted their son as a Swordmage candidate.

Tandul soon rose trough the ranks due to his battle talents and an charismatic persona and he has now been entrusted to Netheril operations to the west.

Tandul believes that the Netheril Empire is not the evil it used to be and he is trying to fight this tradition by offering alliances to the Sword Coast’s nations and city states. Many times, though, his intentions are overlooked by higher authority and his efforts fall empty.

Being one of the public faces of Netheril operations he often gets blamed for everything his empire does. People regard him as a powerful, cruel and cold individual, and to some extend they may be right, but, to some, Tandul is not always the person he appears to be.

Tandul Pastifar

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