'The Lady of Shadows'

Elusive, always behind the scenes, secretive and deadly


Always hooded, tainted with godly evil, her face, if visible, appears young and old at the same time.


“The Lady of Shadows” as common folk and nobles call her is considered a powerful Spellscarred, many claiming to be a chosen of Shar.

She is associated with all the major thieves guilds of the Sword Coast and she played a considerable part from within in the fall of Loudwater. Many claim she masterminded the attack on Waterdeep during the Diamond Meeting, where the alliance of the west was decided.

Her face, it is claimed, is made of or encircled in shadows. She rarely appears to others, choosing always to have her minions carry out her orders.

Her spellscar power is unknown.

'The Lady of Shadows'

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