Tilius Manok

Deadly, well built, never reveals his name.


Tilius Manok is a retired assassin and former leader of the Flaming Fist, the city army of Baldur’s Gate. He appears kind and well mannered, always composed, with long dark hair and sharp characteristics. He rarely reveals his name or calls other by their own.


Tilius Manok is the former leader of the Flaming Fist order in Baldur’s Gate.

He had to escape Baldur’s Gate after an inter-city war between the Flaming Fist and the Thieves Guild, when the latter began a coup to dethrone the Duke of Baldur’s Gate and place rumors say his Netheril controlled nephew in command.

Before the split of the Flaming Fist forces Manok worked with the ranger Ostrion Farengar (a good friend of Curavar Luavir, Maryllia Kaladrin and our adventuring party) – to stop the Baldur’s Gate coup. When things took a turn for the worse Manok was advised by Ostrion to officially seek the help of the Elturgard Paladins and departed for Elturgard in secrecy.

He never reveals his name to anyone but the ones he deems worthy (for his own reasons) and he refuses to speak the true name of others unless he is convinced that they are true to themselves.

Rumors suggest he has been part of at least two of the most secretive and deadliest assassination rings.

Tilius Manok

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