Cold, manipulative, ruthless


Treona appears to be a woman in her fifties, though she is considered to be a lot older. She has short hair, wrinkled arms and face, her eyes are pure emerald green and she is quite short. This description, though, is just one of many and it seems that no one can can actually agree on what she looks like.


Known as an invoker, Treona is a powerfull spellcaster with a passion for ancient artifacts and antiquities.

Her actual origins are unknown, but it is believed she was born and raised in Akanul (though her rumored powers seemed to indicate that she studied and trained in a variety of different places and schools).

On the flipside, rumors say that she has been alive for hundreds of years, since it is widely whispered that she is a dragon, though no one has ever seen her transform.

Treona appears to be interested in acquiring certain artifacts that date back to the Spellplague, one of which is the Slaying Stone and the Totem of Amarrindam.

It is very rare for someone to meet Treona, as she always moves in the shadows, having others do her bidding. Her appereance also seem to be changing from testimonies to testimonies, making it almost impossible to put a face on her.

As a result of the above, her true intentions in the world are unknown and very few things have been discovered, even though she seems to be behind many events, like the domination of the dragon Tyristis during the attack on Waterdeep, on the 29th of Eleint, 1479 DR.


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