Lazy, spiteful, likes solitude and rest


Tyristis is a brass dragon of middle age and size. Her eyes glitter with golden hues and her skin seems harder than it actually is. She is heavier than normal and enjoys lazy baths and revenge games.


Tyristis’s last known location was in Kiris Dahn, a ruined city once ruled by the noble Alkirk line.

She was discovered to have in her possession the Slaying Stone, which she traded to a group of adventurers for the promise of assassinating Treona, an invoker (who some claim to be a dragon as well), which tricked her into binding servitude.

Her last appearance was at the attack in Waterdeep. Based on several accounts she looked entirely different, with her skin covered by light blue arcane lines, not unlike a Spellscarred.

Brass dragon 07


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