Zoltius Craw

Cold, heartless and powerful


Zoltius Craw is a huge dragonborn, standing 2 meters tall, with a muscled body and legs. He has a visible scar cutting his face in half, which looks like it has come from a burning blade.


Zoltius Craw is a dragonborn who was born, by all known account, in the Dragon Coast (the region south of Cormyr), 70 years (some say a lot more) ago.

Not much is known of his childhood but his name appears pretty early in local gangs, as a thief and drug dealer. His ambition, strength and viciousness soon earned him a place amongst the local crime lords, gathering a huge following of first rate criminals to his syndicate.

He has also been known as a mercenary and an assassin, his favourite victims being the Elves.

Not satisfied in staying in one place, Zoltius Craw has travelled all the surrounding lands of Dragon Coast, including of course Cormyr, where he first took part in the yearly fighting tournament 4 years ago.

He is still the reigning champion, living a luxurious life and having the support of the common folk for the entertainment he offers.


Zoltius Craw

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