Scars of Faerûn

Scars of Faerun: Prologue
"A threefold meeting"

It was in Kiris Dahn, a ruined city overrun by Goblins, Kobolds and Orcs, where everything begun.

Our three heroes, for different reasons each, were searching for an item called the Slaying Stone, on behalf of Treona, a well known invoker in the lands south-east of the Underchasm.

Dysme Anora, Cael’ Sae Dawntracker and Altyria Marlowe tracked the Slaying Stone into the lair of a brass dragon named Tyristis, in the tunnels below the city. Tyristis found it really interesting that our heroes were sent there by Treona and revealed to them the invoker was a powerful dragon, which had tricked her into binding servitude with foul magic.

Tyristis offered our heroes a special poison and asked them to kill Treona on her behalf, since the binding magic prevented her to take any action against her mistress. In exchange, she would offer them the Slaying Stone, which she had secretly discovered and vengefully keeping it hidden from Treona.

The catch was that the party should enter a magical binding agreement to carry out Tyristis’ will.

Our heroes, who needed the Slaying Stone, made the deal thinking they could just reveal everything to Treona and that she would help them but, after meeting with a human ranger in the by the name Ostrion Farengar, they decided not to return it to the invoker.

Ostrion explained to them that this relic is a powerful artifact which Treona aims to use for evil. He suggested they should take take the stone to his friend Curavar Luavir, a renowned wizard almost in the other side of the world, in a city called Loudwater.

Not knowing what to do and who to believe, the party decided that the best thing to do at that moment was to go as far away as possible.

With the help of Ostrion our heroes managed to escape Kiris Dahn and gain a ride upon a flying pirate ship. They decided to make it to Loudwater and then plan their next move. Alas, when they reached Loudwater they found it besieged by a horde of Orcs and Goblins.

It was then when they met Maryllia Kaladrin, the half-Elf leader of the Elturgard Paladins who answered the call to liberate Loudwater when no one else did, having in her side 500 hundred Paladins and three hundred warriors from Waterdeep.

Dysme, Cael’ Sae and Altyria took part in the battle after Maryllia’s request, making the final charge alongside the paladin. By morning, Loudwater was freed and our characters, tired and wounded, finally got a chance to meet with Curavar and trust him with the finding of the Slaying Stone.

But that was only the beginning of their tale.


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