A land of open water and deep woods, Aglarond is a nation of humans, elves, and half-elves on a broad peninsula thrust into the Sea of Fallen Stars. Elves and humans have intermingled in Aglarond for centuries—few natives can claim a pure bloodline one way or the other. No other region in Faerûn has a higher half-elf population.

In the last year, Aglarond has known some civil unreast, since the Spellscarred there are not easily accepted. This is just a reaction from the population due to the many immigrants fleeing the undead lands of Thay in the east.

Also, In addition to the threat of an overt attack by Thay’s undead army, evils spawned under Thay’s influence find their way to the wilds of Aglarond’s Yuirwood. To the north, expanding Thesk now encroaches. The Aglarondans get along well with the Nentyarch of the Great Dale, and also with the genasi of the city of Airspur to the south.

Aglarond includes both coastal land and communities, as well as the vast Yuirwood forest. It’s capital is Velprintalar, now commonly known as Veltalar, with a population of 70.000.

Aglaron’s rulers are the Simbarch Council.




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