Edhel Mela - Heart of the Elves

The “Edhel Mela” (Heart of the Elves in common tongue) is an underground group comprised of Elves, regardless of their subrace.

They have been working in secret trying to discredit Sembia and prove its evil intentions by using spying and general subterfuge, while opposing any kind of militaristic action taken by Cormanthor and Myth Drannor against the Dales. This has created a lot of suspicion in the official channels and they have come to be considered an almost hostile group by Ilsevele Miritar

Edher Mela is comprised of different cells who operate independently under the same ideal: the Elven Unity. Each cell has its local leader and action is taken upon vote of the leaders. All decisions are based on trust since the cells don’t come in any kind of contact.

Their mantra is: “we will unite, when it is time to be free”.


Edhel Mela - Heart of the Elves

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