Loudwater is a city that sits on the confluence of the Delimbiyr and Greyflow rivers. Much reduced since its heyday, it still offers a well-defended rest stop for caravans and riverboats.

In the last years it has seen its trade routes doubled and its population bloom under the leadership of Lady Gerefir Moonfire. In the summer of 1479 DR, Loudwater was besieged by a host of Orcs and Goblins looking for a sacred artifact.

The siege was lifted in Kythorn (June), on the 22nd by a joint force of Elturgard Paladins and Waterdeep warriors led by Maryllia Kaladrin.

The city though, in the end of the summer, made a trade agreement with Netheril, allowing an army of two thousand strong to use the city as a base, thus transforming it to a military stronghold for the ancient empire.

Loudwater paint


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