Myth Drannor

Myth Drannor, formerly known as (the city of) Cormanthor, the City of Song or the City of Love (as well as many other names), is an Eladrin city (as of 1479 DR) in Cormanthor, which had been rebuilt after the original had laid in ruins since 714 DR.

It is one of four old communities and capital of Cormanthyr (the others being the Elven Court, Semberholme, and the Tangled Trees). At its height, it represented the peak of eladrin civilization and craftsmanship.

It fell to demons during the Weeping War and was in ruins, a dangerous place full of monsters and forgotten treasures, for many centuries, until reclaimed by Evereska’s Elven Crusade led by Seiveril Miritar.

As of 1479 DR it is ruled by Coronal Ilsevele Miritar, an important leader who has managed to bring closer than ever the Eladrins of the east and the Sylvan Elves of Cormanthor.

Myth drannor

Myth Drannor

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