The magocracy of Netheril is one of the ancient human empires of Faerûn.

Netheril is also the home of the most powerful wizard who ever walked on Faerûn, Karsus.

The Netherese also created powerful artifacts known as mythallars, which allow mundane objects to become magical, dramatically changing the face of the Netheril Empire (or better said the face of the upper side of the empire, as Netheril eventually became twofold: the “have”, High Netherese, and the “have not”, low Netherese).

The Empire of Netheril stretches from the edge of the High Ice south to the Farsea Swamp, occupying the former desert land of Anauroch. Rivers now flow from the melting glaciers, rain falls, temperatures are moderate, and in some places vegetation is particularly lush.

Netheril is a land reborn, despite its cruel overlords.

The Twelve Princes rule Netheril from their capital city of Shade Enclave (known also as Shade and, formerly, Thultanthar), the lone city of old that escaped ancient Netheril’s collapse, which happened when magic seized during the Spellplague.

These incalculably powerful mages threaten all of Faerûn’s nations.

A floating enclave, tentatively identified as the resurrected city Sakkors, is sometimes sighted hanging over Sembia in the dead of night.

Stories of bloodshed and heartache follow in Sakkors’ wake.

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