Order of the Blue Flame

The Order of Blue Fire is widely held to be a benevolent group of Spellscarred who wish to help others while learning more about the Spellplague’s effects.

The Order of Blue Fire has branches in many settlements throughout Faerûn. It maintains hospices for housing and educating the spellscarred. Order houses contain lore collections and teachers to educate the populace about plaguelands and the Spellplague.

The houses are also bases for experts equipped to handle out-of-control spellscarred and plaguechanged creatures, usually without recompense. For these reasons the order is often
welcome and respected in a community.

The current leader of the Order is Marcus Zeon and it’s main temple is located at Ormpetarr, in Vilhon Wilds, northwest of the Underchasm.


Order of the Blue Flame

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