Although once a wealthy, independent collection of city-states, Sembia is, as of 1479 DR, a vassal state of Netheril. Only the cities of Urmlaspyr and Daerlun remained independent.

Prior to the Spellplague, Sembia was a young country of considerable wealth and prosperity governed by its merchants. It was located on the north-western coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars, which put it in the path of many trade routes.

Sembians were not particularly war-like, preferring to keep to themselves and their money, but they did go to war with the Dalelands and Elves in Cormanthor. In the middle of the war however, they switched sides and fought with the elves against human and infernal armies alike. Miklos Selkirk was responsible for this shift.

A person from Sembia is known as a Sembite or a Semmite.

Sembia raven silver crest


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