The royal capital and richest city in Cormyr, Suzail is home to the important nobles and merchant houses of the country and has a population of 55.000.

The city center is the royal palace, which is surrounded by gardens and the buildings of
the Royal Court. King Foril keeps his residence in the palace. The Purple Dragons and the War Wizards jointly occupy an impressive fortresslike barracks in Suzail. Both constantly drill in the courtyard, using swords, spells, and special tactics to quell a variety of threats.

The city maintains the realm’s new shipyards and is home to the royal navy that once docked in Marsember. Suzail is also known for its inns, taverns, and festhalls. Coin of every nation is good here, and the city is thick with diversions and entertaining experiences.

Adventurers and explorers from all over the continent are always welcome. Tymora’s temple is the most prominent one in Suzail. Shrines to Oghma, Tempus, and Waukeen are also found here. The famous carvers of Suzail buy exotic ivory from many lands, shape it into new and decorated forms, and export it at a greatly increased value.

The port of Suzail:



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