The Purple Dragons

The Purple Dragons are the famous military of Cormyr, renowned for their discipline, skill, and loyalty. The Purple Dragons are considered to be one of the strongest armies in the Realms, and famous for their heroism and acts of valor in the field of combat.

They range from young nobles who joined as officers to farmers who joined as Blades. The well-disciplined army is made possible through Cormyr’s military and hierarchical heritage.

The Purple Dragons are ruled by the “Four Dragons”, as they are called. The “First Dragon” and Supreme High Marshal is Algor Dante, the “Second Dragon” is Julius Fermist, the “Third Dragon” is Hannah Songsteel and the “Fourth Dragon” is Mardak Stiflemeiner.

Note: After the fall of Waterdeep Julius Fermist was severely injured and has asked Dysme Anora to replace him as temporary “Second”.


The Purple Dragons

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