Dysme Anora

Quick witted, passionate, careless and strong willed.

Dysme Anora is a beautiful moon elf, more suited in a street fight than in a palace, with free flowing hair and elegant figure. Her face characteristics are slim but expressive and, when she wants, she can be as sensual as she can be cold.

Dysme Anora is an Eladrin moon elf, daughter of Modius and Kira Anora, Eladrin magic users, born in the wider area of Cormyr. She is 24 years old, by human count, which makes her a little over seventy in elven years.

Dysme has lived most of her life as a nomad, travelling with her clan and experiencing the freedom of the human cities, while she has also explored small parts of the Elven lands known as Cormanthor.

She honed her skills and became a bodyguard for a number of local lords (some say crime lords) and after some time she decided to become an arena fighter.

It was at this moment when she was noticed by Julius Fermist, a Paladin in the order of the Purple Dragons of Cormyr, a powerful organization of all kinds of warriors sworn to protect the ancient lands.

Stunned by seeing a moon elf as an arena fighter and awed by her battle skills, Fermist decided to approach Dysme.

Recognizing a true warrior, he asked his God Torm to allow Dysme to be trained as a Paladin. The Goddess gave her permission and the next year Dysme was accepted as a trainee in the ranks of the Purple Dragons.

Dysme Anora became a true Paladin not by the usual trials and training, but by undergoing a series of secret ancient tests while adventuring. She was generally successful and was awarded her Paladinhood in the first tenday of Leaffall, specifically on the 5th.

History suggests that the Paladins who have undergone the ancient tests are prone to an unbalanced life and choices.

Dysme Anora

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