Hannah Songsteel

Slim and firm bodied, piercing eyes, full lips


Hannah Songsteel is intimidating and the first thing someone notices is her piercing eyes and her imposing height for a woman. Her figure is slim and firm and she appears arrogant and strong willed. Her hair are long and filled with minor shades of brown, green and red. A woman that commands respect with her sarcastic tone and sexuality.


Hannah Songsteel, forty years old, is the third in command of the Purple Dragons, a Priest of some renown and considerable powers.

Little is known about her past but rumors in the ranks of the order speak of a troubled and abusive childhood in the hands of her father, while there are many who claim she was also abused sexually by him and forced into prostitution in her teens.

Hannah left home early and her first records appear in the temple of Tyr in Galmesh, a small town of Cormyr, where she sought shelter as an orphan in the age of sixteen. There, she was revealed to possess the powers of a Priest and was convinced to stay and be trained.

This gave a much needed order and purpose in her life, helping her to cope with whatever had happened in her childhood. She soon showed a passion that often veered into anger, resulting in a lot of seriously wounded spar partners and trainees.

She left the temple before completing her training and joined the ranks of the Purple Dragons in search for more action.

Hannah was an outcast between the soldiers, never making any friends or having steady relationships, mostly because of her arrogance, anger and sarcasm. She changed lovers almost daily, to the point where the commanding officers started viewing her as a disruptive individual inside the Purple Dragons.

No one, though, could deny her dedication to the order and her fierce courage in the battlefield. After surviving a skirmish with a group of Drows she was forced to venture into the Underdark with fifty soldiers, where she was captured and tortured for months.

She eventually found the strength to escape, release her imprisoned companions and destroy the Drow encampment before finding her way back to the surface.

Having won the admiration of her fellow comrades, she was recognized by the Purple Dragon leadership for her faith and mental strength and was awarded the rank of “Third Dragon”, which she keeps until this day.

Hannah Songsteel

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