Jorah Fermist

Thick mustache, long white hair, grey eyes


Jorah Fermist looks like an ordinary old man who used to be warrior. For those who look a little closer, though, his thick arms and strong build make him look younger than he is. An inspiring individual and man of few words, there is no one else you would rather go to war with.


Jorah Fermist, brother to the second Dragon of Cormyr, Julius Fermist, served as the “First Dragon” of Cormyr for ten years, before he was dismissed under dubious circumstances.

The only “First Dragon” to be appointed without being a Paladin, Jorah Fermist enjoyed immense popularity amongst the ranks of the Purple Dragons, due to his peasant heritage and ability to connect with the common soldiers.

As legendary winner of five Cormyr Arena Tournaments, Jorah Fermist was offered a position in the Purple Dragons and quickly climbed the ranks due to his extraordinary fighting prowess and tactical mind.

Securing the borders of Cormyr by completing a number of seemingly impossible missions in the dark years of rebuilding after the Spellplague, he was hand picked by King Foril Obarskyr as a leader of the Purple Dragons, a decision which enjoyed widespread appeal, especially since his younger brother, Julius, was being granted his Paladinhood at the same period.

Jorah Fermist played an important role during the difficult negotiations with Cormanthor and Myth Drannor that brought the historic alliance and ushered the race of humans and elves of the east in a new era of cooperation.

After his dismissal, vowed to never march into war again and became a hermit, living in a hut in the outskirts of Suzail and denied himself any contact, even with his brother.

The injury of Julius, though, by a Shadar during the Netheril attack in Waterdeep, and the subsequent revelation of his imminent death, forced his hand once more and led him to the battle for Baldur’s Gate, seeking revenge on behalf of his dying brother.

By inspiring a division of Cormyr horsemen to follow him and forego their orders, he joined forces with the group of Elturgard Paladins, led by Maryllia Kaladrin, and together destroyed the Shadar, in what proved to be one of the critical moments in this terrible conflict.

Jorah Fermist

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