Playful eyes, brown-red hair, wearing plastic elvish ears


Kip-Thannan is a charismatic Gnome of undetermined age. With a round belly, sparkly eyes and plastic elvish ears attached to his head, he provokes fits of laughter wherever he appears.


Kip-Thannan is a Gnome who many claim has gone mad. He speaks common but no one understands him very good, except of course his sailors.

A natural born trader, Kip-Thannan is also proficient as an archer and knows how to open a locked box or two.

He has tried to become a banker, an artifact dealer, an inn keeper, a fisherman, a hunter, a cook, a thief, a wizard and many other professions to no avail. These failures led him to believe that the problem is not his lack of talents but his wrong race.

So he started claiming that instead of Gnome he is actually an Elf, helped a bit by the group known to some as the “Heroes of the Mountain Paths”, who performed a ritual to change him once and for all. Of course, the group only meant it as a joke, but Kip was actually convinced he was changed and from then on he also wears plastic long ears, to imitate the ears of the Elves.

His true calling was to become a captain of the ‘Misty Arrow’, a small trade galleon that sails up and down the Chionter river, trading and transporting goods between Elturel and Cormyr.

Kip also made his galleon available for transporting troops in the Battle for Baldur’s Gate and it is said that he also intended to join the battle in the end, as he wouldn’t have the “enemies of our glorious gnome-elvish race prevail”.


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