Mardak Stiflemeiner

Red thick beard, bushy eye brows, very strong build


Mardak Stiflemeiner was a very well built dwarf, with very thick arms and round, hard face. His thick beard and cheerful eyes though always revealed a heartwarming person, full of care and love.


Mardak Stiflemeiner, forty-nine years old, was the Fourth Dragon of Cormyr and a sturdy, devoted Paladin.

Stiflemeiner, son of a Cleric and a Paladin, rose from the lowest ranks of the Purple Dragons without having any considerable talent or excelling in any area.

His resilience won him all his promotions, while his hardened mentality and good will stubbornness made him known as the “Rock”.

He took part in the battle for Baldur’s Gate where he eventually fell gloriously, trying to defend a weaker company against a Netheril horse charge.

Not many people had anything bad to say about Mardak Stiflemeiner and his legacy will only rise after his death, showing that dedication and hard work can make someone a hero, even when he is destined to be a common man.

Mardak Stiflemeiner

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