Eladrin, also known as high elves are graceful warriors and wizards that originated from the realm of Faerie, also known as the Feywild.

They are magical in nature and share an interest in the arcane arts.

Occasionally the term “noble eladrin” is used to denote more powerful variants, who have become so infused with the magic of the Feywild that they take on the characteristics of natural phenomena such as seasons.

Prior to the Spellplague, the term “eladrin” referred exclusively to the chaotic good celestials residing in the dimensional realm of Arvandor. After the Spellplague and the reemergence of the Feywild to Toril, certain races of the Tel-quessir (the general name of Elves in the elvish tongue), previously referred to as “elves,” began to self-identify as eladrin.



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