Evereska (elvish: “fortress home”) is a fabled valley in the Western Heartlands, one of the last realms of the Eladrin in the north. Founded in secret in -8600 DR, Evereska has since been a haven for the remaining Fair Folk (elven and fey peoples in general) in Faerûn.

Evereska is in a valley encircled with twelve hills collectively known as the Shaeradim, which was sculpted into a large terraced garden, and inhabited by moon and sun elves.

The houses are worked into the landscape and it is possible to float large items in the city.

Blueleaf trees cover the valley and are sculpted by magic. Weather conditions and diseases are regulated by a magical mythal (a protective ward).

Some eladrin spent their time in deep caverns to create new spells.

Evereska is ruled by the Hill Elders, a council of distinguished eladrin, presided upon by the High Elder, Lord Duirsar. Only the Hill Elders can allow an outsider to enter the valley.

It’s capital is Evareska City.



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