Cormyr is a strong nation that lies at the western end of the diminished Sea of Fallen Stars, it’s capital Suzail. The kingdom is ancient but remains vigorous. Old forests dominate the landscape and national character. Humans predominate in Cormyr, and they are justly proud of their country’s long and noble traditions. The dragon, the stag, and the unicorn are prominent in Cormyrian folk tales, ballads, and heraldry.

In days of old, the people of this civilized land carved a domain out of wilder territory through grit, bravery, and determination. Though the nation has a reputation for just rule, sometimes Cormyr has had to make difficult choices to ensure its security. Its most contested border is that with shadowy Netheril, though Cormyr also borders the hazardous Stonelands, Tunlands, Storm Horns, and Thunder Peaks.

Cormyr is protected by two highly skilled and renowned forces. The Purple Dragons are an elite army of battle-tested warriors. The War Wizards include powerful swordmages (see page 236), as well as other accomplished spellcasters that even the Netherese respect.




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