The Spellplague was a disaster that struck Faerûn on 29th Tarsakh, the Year of Blue Fire, 1385 DR, and was caused by the assassination of Mystra at the hands of the evil gods Cyric and Shar.

With the goddess’s death, the Weave, the universal structure of arcane forces, convulsed. It continued for a decade, leading to the Wailing Years, during which arcane magic ceased to function and the planet of Toril was transformed.

The Spellplague affected the landscape, making the ground rumble and heave up and down like the surface of the sea. Curtains of blue flame swept the lands, reshaping the earth’s surface, lifting and sculpting the plains and mountains.

Waves of azure fires appeared everywhere, killing whatever they touched.

Parts of Abeir and Toril switched planes, swapping the continents of Maztica and Laerakond. The latter is now known as Returned Abeir and lies far in the west of the Forgotten Realms, beyond the trackless sea.

By 1395 DR, the majority of the effects of the Spellplague had come to an end and most arcane magic had returned to normal.

By 1479 DR, areas of Toril still affected by the Spellplague were referred to as Plaguelands.


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